our CUSTOM-MADE TRAVEL BOOKS help guide your road trip adventures so you can get lost on YOUR OWN TERMS.


We celebrate the “great American road trip” in all its romantic and unpredictable glory. We don’t believe in strict, set-in-stone itineraries that must be followed to a T. We subscribe to the idea that, as Steinbeck once wrote, a journey is a person in itself — and often, the greatest road trip is one that takes on a life of its own.

At Roadmadic, we craft custom-made travel books that guide your road trip expeditions without limiting the natural travelers’ urge to veer off course and explore the great unknown. We aim to help you get lost on your own terms.

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We craft custom-made travel books for those who long for the bygone era of roadmaps and motor lodges. For travelers who want to take road trips without a strict itinerary, we provide an open-ended guide that, while thoughtfully curated and organized, allows for adventure and spontaneity.

We cut through the typical cost and clutter of planning a road trip — combing through traditional guide books from the bookstore, tireless internet searching, or even hiring a travel agent to build a pricey itinerary — to help get travelers on the road with less hassle.


First, travelers answer a series of questions about travel style, budget and preferences. Then, those answers are carefully studied and used to craft a custom, printed and bound book that outlines expertly curated travel routes and stop recommendations, suggested road trip playlists, and more.


Roadmadic combines the charm of a traditional guide book with the customization of a typical itinerary, and our travel books encourage travelers to veer off course and embrace the natural urge to wander.

As a bonus, each book is part travel journal. With plenty of space for documenting adventures and collecting memories, it can serve as a keepsake and beautiful travel artifact for years to come.